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Star Citizen trial week shows off spaceladies and new spacecity

Explore a sci-fi megacity? Oooh go on, you've twisted my arm

Shiny spaceship simulator Star Citizen today launched yet another 'Free Fly' trial event, inviting all and sundry to check out the female character option and planet-spanning megacity added in Alpha 3.5 in April. The free trial will run for one week. I'll have a go of that, sure, I'm a sucker for character creators and sci-fi cities. I'll probably just spend ages wandering the corridors and climbing the spires of the planet ArcCorp, treating it like a glossy and po-faced version of Bernband. God, why can't more games be more like Bernband?

Yorp, Alpha 3.5 was when Star Citizen added a female player character option on its winding, possibly endless journey through alphafunding. It looks to have weird haircuts, which is all I really want from character creators. Male spacemodels benefit from updated customisation too.

As for the megacorp planet of ArcCorp, obviously we won't get to explore every alley, bar, and apartment of this planet-covering city but I'll take what I can get. An early version of part appeared in earlier alphas, but now it's back and a bit fancier. At the very least, it has some grand sci-fi city vistas, which I do always enjoy. And mate, I've done video game tourism in places smaller than you've lived. Though sadly I suspect I won't find recitals and urinals as delightful as in Bernband. Oh, Bernband!

All players during this trial week get access to five vehicles: the Anvil Arrow dogfighter, MISC Prospector mining ship, Drake Cutlass Black shootyship, Aegis Avenger Titan cargo ship, and Drake Dragonfly two-person hoverbike. Also the rest of the game, all those other planets and asteroids and things, are in the trial. And that new flight model from Alpha 3.5 and that other new stuff. Whatever. My motivation for downloading the trial is 97% megacity.

If you fancy a crack yourself, head on over to this page for instructions. You'll need to register an account, obvs. The trial week runs until next Wednesday, May 8th.

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