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Star Citizen's "Pledge For Your Ship" Is Open

As revealed in yesterday's look at Chris Robert's Star Citizen, there is a pledge-based pre-order model for the space-shooter, and it's a "pledge for your ship" model. A clever idea, I think you'll agree, keeping crowd-funding within the fiction of the game. Mr Roberts explains the idea behind the game in a wide-ranging ten-minute video which you can watch below, or you can step right up and pledge here. They're looking to raise $2m, but I guess we'll see about that.

Tonnes more footage from the game in that video, too. Worth a watch, even if you were unconvinced by the first video.

So that sounds ambitious, eh? The universe as a dynamic entity is something that developers have talked about time and again over the years, but it seems like Roberts might be able to pull it off if they really can manage updates every two weeks.

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