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Star Trek Games Boldly Go Onto GOG

Beam it down

May the 7th be with you, as I guess people say nowadays. I don't understand youths. The point is: a trio of ye olde Star Trek games with Kirk, Spock, Sulu, and the gang have been discovered stuck in a transporter buffer for a few decades, and those clever clogs at GOG have rematerialised them to put them back on sale.

Now on GOG - in their first download releases - for £4.09 apiece are Starfleet Academy, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary, and Judgment Rites. GOG tease more may be boldly coming too.

25th Anniversary's a 1992 adventure game by Interplay, putting you in the supple leather boots of Jimmy T. Kirkletons to seek out new life and new civilizations across several missions. Judgment Rites is the 1993 sequel to that.

Starfleet Academy, on the other hand, is about the thrills of life in Starfleet Academy. It's part interactive movie, part zap-zap spaceship sim as you go about Academy life as a cadet. It is wild to me that the game revolves around The Original Series's time, with appearances from Shatner, Takei, and Koenig during the FMV bits, when The Next Generation was already in full swing. Did people still care about TOS that much then? Had they seen it recently? Oh, I don't know.

Hopefully GOG will pick up some of the newer Star Trek games too, like fine-o FPS Voyager – Elite Force.

Right, look, here's the intro to Starfleet Academy:

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