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Star Wars Battlefront 2 shows off space battles


"Pew pew!" goes the spaceship in new Star Wars Battlefront 2 [official site] viddies warping out of Gamescom, showing off the starfighting action in Dice's boldly-going shooter. Spaceship battles were added to the previous Battlefront in a paid expansion but this time they're free for everyone, which is grand. Starfighter Assault mode will pit teams against each other to complete (or block) multi-stage objectives, which I assume all revolve around blowing things up. The one EA are showing off now is the Battle of Fondor, so named because the Rebel Alliance was obsessed with fondling the door of an orbital shipyard.

I think that's an Outlander joke.

First, here's the live demo of Fondor from EA's Gamescom presentation last night, jumping between perspectives with a cinematic flair:

Cover image for YouTube video

Or if you'd rather see the slick polished trailer version, this came out a few days prior:

Cover image for YouTube video

StarWars Battlefront 2 is due to launch on November 17th (or at 11pm on the 16th for us in the UK) through Origin, priced at £54.99. All new heroes, maps, weapons, and modes released after launch will be free this time, ditching the DLC season pass of the last game. But on the flipside, it will have optional microtransactions to get more crates with Star Cards and crafting materials and whatnot. Is this that "bringing balance to the Force" Old Wan Toby is always on about?

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