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Star Wars Battlefront 2 leak shows Rey, Darth Maul

Where's Captain Kirk?

A cheeky peek at Star Wars Battlefront II [official site] has leaked out ahead of the official fan frenzy at the Star Wars Celebration this weekend. The wee teaser trailer will surely be pulled from the datanet by prowling cyberlawyers soon but it seems to introduce a little of the singleplayer campaign, as well as showing that the game will span the heptalogy and include everyone from Darth Maul and Yoda to Rey and Kylo Ren. Point your peepers at this before the cybersuits yank it and repossess your orbs:

I don't see fan-favourite Star Wars characters like Servalan, Aeryn, Quark, Kosh, Uhura, Riker, Doc Phlox, Starbuck, Naomi, Captain Podly, the Soup Dragon, Sandstrom, Holly, Stanley, Rommie, Wash, Torres, Koenig, O'Neill, Mr. Spoon, or the funny carpet man anywhere in there, but do bear in mind this is only a twenty-second teaser trailer. I'm sure the whole gang are waiting for us in the full game - Electronic Arts must know better than to rile Star Warrers!

Developers will gab about the game during a panel at the Star Wars Celebration on Saturday at 7:30pm, which I'm told will be streamed online.

Star Wars Battlefront II is due later this year. It's being made by DICE with Criterion Games and Motive Studios.

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