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SC2: Legacy Of The Void Trailer Pledges Its Life For Aiur

This means WAR!

With StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [official site] due to launch on November 10th, Blizzard are putting the finishing touches to their trilogy-capping RTS expansion and the Protoss themselves, well, they're on the eve of war they're wondering if it's all worth it. A new animatic trailer has five minutes of debate about destiny and and honour high prices, leading into the expansion's grand invasion.

(Spoiler: they think it's totally worth going to war, which is perhaps a relief otherwise Blizzard would have to scrap the game and this video would be the end to SC2.)

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I was never into the Protoss - not as characters, anyway; I do adore them as a fight team - and this still doesn't humanise them for me. The Terrans had their big silly space western thing going on, with a fun cast of characters and the civil war with the Confederacy. The Zerg, well, the Zerg were shrieking fleshbeasts, which I'll always find charming. But I was never interested in Protoss personalities, your typical Stick In The Space Mud species wanking on about honour and duty and saving ancient places with silly names; Zeratul is the only one I can even remember by name, the sulky weirdo.

Still, seems a whole lot of folks will be testing their oft-repeated motto "My life for Aiur." It's launching on the same day as Fallout 4 - a face-off of ye olde PC gaming, like Blur vs. Oasis all over again but with more explosions - so I wonder how many pledge their lives for Bloody Mess instead.

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