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StarCraft Remastered launching on August 14th

It comes with Brood War

After being finally announced in March -- confirming rumours that felt like they’d been going on forever -- StarCraft Remastered [official site] now has a release date: August 14th. The remastered version will contain all the original content from the main game and the Brood War expansion, gussied up in 4K. It’s available for pre-purchase now.

Along with the 4K update, StarCraft Remastered adds widescreen support, updated audio, matchmaking and leaderboards, player profiles, cloud saving and the ability to switch between the remastered and original version.

Pick it up, and you’ll also net yourself extra stuff for StarCraft II, including portraits and a new co-op commander. Pre-purchasing it before August 14 also comes with a list of incentives. If you want to risk buying it before it’s out, you’ll get three unique building skins: the Char Hive, the Korhal Command Center, and the Aiur Nexus.

And here’s the announcement trailer again if you want to see what 4K StarCraft looks like in action.

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Blizzard’s hoping to keep the StarCraft competitive scene going with the remaster, though people still play StarCraft and Brood War today, despite the lack of modern amenities.

“Nearly 20 years ago, StarCraft welcomed millions of gamers to an epic sci-fi universe—and also helped form the foundation for esports as we know it today,” said Mike Morhaime, Blizzard CEO. “Passionate gamers around the world are still playing Brood War, both with friends and competitively, so we’re modernizing the technology behind StarCraft so that they can continue to enjoy the game for many years to come.”

It will set you back £12.99/$14.99, but if you don’t fancy splashing out, you can always pick up the original for free.

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