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StarCraft: Remastered gets a 'toon up

The cutest Zerg rush

I sense a theme developing here. My 'triumphant' return to RPS, after five years away, is nothing but stories about classic game series being given cartoonish makeovers. First Turok down there, and now StarCraft: Remastered. While Turok has been re-worked into a new game and genre, StarCraft: Cartooned is a lick of paint over the ancient RTS. Though it's a lick from a brush made of unicorn hair that's been dipped into Teletubby blood.

I hope the creators, Carbot Animations, approves of that description. Even if it doesn't do justice to the ridiculous cartoon that they've crafted, it's the best mere words can do. What does do it justice is the excellent cinematic they released. Observe the justice.

Watch on YouTube

As you can see, it's a complete makeover, from menus to maps. Single-player and multiplayer are catered to. It's such a dramatic redrafting of the game's aesthetic that I can't believe it has zero effect on how it plays. It would be fascinating to see a professional StarCrafter adopting this for fun. That's an esport I could get into.

This hasn't come out of nowhere. The creators of the artybobs have a YouTube channel packed with Blizzard-themed cartoons, covering Diablo, HearthStone, and StarCraft. The latter runs to seven seasons and starts here:

Watch on YouTube

And the writing was splattered on the wall a while ago, when Carbot themed emoticons, portraits, and decals were released for the game. Now they've made a bigger mark, on the series, and it's really lovely to see a labour of love being rewarded by the developers.

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