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Stardew Valley has yet another free update in the works

Update 1.5 confirmed, farmers

Stardew Valley turns 4 years old today. It's been sixteen seasons since it arrived on PC, kicking off a wave of similar casual farming games on PC. Developer ConcernedApe is celebrating the anniversary with a casual announcement that the sun is not setting on his continued work planting Stardew's future. He says that with Stardew Valley's extremely large 1.4 update now available on all platforms, another free update (1.5, naturally) is already in the works.

The 1.4 update that ConcernedApe referred to as the "everything update" arrived for PC players just three months ago and was true to its name. The giant content update really did touch just about every part of the game with either entirely new features, story, or quality of life changes. You can have fish ponds on your farm now, making an angler's career even more viable. Spouses got new cutscene events for 14-heart relationship levels (never thought you could raise the level cap on love, eh?). The abandoned JojaMart got a mysterious new use as well. Oh yeah, and the trash bear.

So what comes after "everything"? Hard to say, because ConcernedApe hasn't gotten into specifics yet. I imagine it won't be nearly as large as the 1.4 update which took a heck of a while to develop from original mention to final release. That said though, the update just before that was the extremely long-in-the-pipe multiplayer update. Perhaps something equally large is in the works again—in which case we'd all better get ready to be quite patient.

Earlier this month, ConcernedApe responded to a player on Twitter confirming that he's working on two new games as well, though he also cautioned against hype for those projects saying "I'd like to just make whatever game comes naturally to me without too much pressure or expectation." Best not get too hyped for the 1.5 update then. At least not until ConcernedApe feels like elaborating. I've always enjoyed Stardew's big updates, so I'm sure whatever he's got planned will be grand.

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