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Stardew Valley's whopping great 1.4 update is here

Bringing the crop to market

Light the fire and gather round, young'uns. Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone has stumbled in on this cold November's eve, bearing gifts to improve the coming year's harvest. Stardew Valley's long-anticipated 1.4 update is finally here, a massive free renovation touching every last plank, grain and villager in the valley. We've been teasing out details for ages, so let's take a complete look at the update that brings "a whole new level of polish" to the cosy crop grower today.

Now close that door, you're letting the heat out.

It's been a long time coming though, hasn't it? Over the last few months, the scope of 1.4 has expanded as we've been drip-fed new features arriving with the update. Among many, many others, today's update adds fishponds, personal banking in multiplayer and a new four-player Four Corners map. There's even an arousing new way to spice up married life with a new 14-heart relationship event, plus a nice new hotkey for snapping a pic of your entire farm in one go.

Of course, today's release announcement revealed even more. Shed interiors can now be doubled in size. Jumino Cart, a side-scrolling platformer I didn't even know existed, has been completely reworked. 60 new items have been added to the game, alongside 24 new hairstyles, 181 new shirts, 35 new hats, 14 new pants (trousers, please), and 2 new boots.

Barone wasn't kidding when he unofficially called this the "everything" update. No part of the farm has been left untouched. There are some lovely new quality-of-life features - simple things like being able to tab through inventory rows, or hovering over items to see if they're needed in community bundles. You can now track all the letters you've been sent via the collections tab.

There are plenty of little changes like that, wherever Barone "felt that the game had some holes or weak points that could use a little boost". It's a doozy of an update, and I'd be here all day if I went through it all. You can peruse the full changelist over on the Stardew Valley 1.4 patch notes.

That got you in a real farmin' mood? 1.4 went live today, and Stardew Valley is currently 10% off on Steam and GOG for £9.89/€12.59/$13.49.

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