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Steam Summer Sale begins 22 June (tomorrow!)


With the kettle singing in the background to provide me with enough tea to enjoy the hot weather it seems appropriate to be writing about the incoming Steam Summer Sale. PayPal (who have a deal on with Steam to promote their payment method) confirmed the sale will kick off at 6pm BST on 22 June.

I remember back in the day when the exciting sales were just after Christmas and you could get slightly mangled white chocolate snowmen and Christmas ornaments for tuppence at Woolworths. I assume you young people will be dragging your camping stools to the Steam storefront from 21 June, nursing a thermos of something nutritious and exchanging stories about the time you queued for something else with your fellow queuers.

Perhaps you queued for a Zune. Perhaps it was the Kenzo x H&M collaboration. Maybe you went to the post office to collect a parcel once. It's all grist for the queuing war story mill. Once I joined a queue in Malta just because the people in the queue seemed upbeat and the line was for a theatre. I ended up at a philharmonic orchestra concert of Beatles songs. Queuing is great.

If you're interested in the PayPal promotion they're banging on about it's essentially about saving a bit of money if you spend more than £20 and use PayPal to make the purchases. Full details here. It's regional so no idea whether there are similar haps in the rest of the world or whether it's a UK reward for how much we love queuing. One thing to note if you tend to go all-in on Steam sales is in the small-print: "The Offer shall not be available if the aggregate monetary amount credited to customers reaches GBP 24,000.00." So, y'know. £23,999 or less if you want to save a fiver.

I'm going to go out and find a queue to join in the meantime. It's going to be great. Don't @ me with your "blah blah blah that's not how digital commerce works" because I'll be reading a book and standing in line for something cool.

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