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SteamWorld Quest announced: a card-based RPG that looks very in-Spire-d

Let's Slay our cards on the table

Oh look, a new SteamWorld game. What a juicy, nourishing videogame fact to share with all my friends, the readers. SteamWorld Quest: The Hand Of Gilgamech is a card-based follow-up to SteamWorld Heist and the SteamWorld Digs, all very wholesome games that can actually be completed by human beings. This new one is a turn-based fantasy card game that looks a bit like undying god of games, Slay The Spire. It was announced during one of Nintendo’s state-sponsored broadcasts, because it’s coming to Switch first. But it is headed to “other platforms” as well, say the developers. And that means PC. Here’s a trailer, covered in filthy, disgusting Nintendo iconography.

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As you can see, it looks Spire-ish, but with multiple fighters on your side, each with their own decks. One of the cards is called “Moisturise” and I think that is an important observation. It’s set in a more magical version of their steamy planet, promising “gold, dragons, vivid worlds, magic, knights in shining armor as well as XP, turn-based battles and all that good RPG stuff!” Here’s what developer Image & Form say about it.

"The SteamWorld community has been asking us to create an RPG for years. In fact, we’ve asked our followers directly on multiple occasions what game they would like us to make next and so far an RPG has been the number one request. So naturally, we took it upon ourselves to create a new kind of game to surprise and delight both fans of the genre as well as existing SteamWorld fans."

It looks more like a card game from this footage than a straight-laced RPG, but that's still good news round these parts. I'm not the only one in the treehouse who is fond of the gentle SteamWorld Dig 2 and the skillful ricochet-ing of SteamWorld Heist. And we're all so obscenely in love with Slay The Spire that several complaints have been lodged to HR about it. So a questy card 'em up will be nice. Uh, I mean, when it comes to PC. Yeah, PC. I will definitely wait for that, because I am loyal and certainly do not own a Switch, I don’t know what you’ve heard, but it’s a disgusting lie.

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