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Stellaris: Nemesis expansion adds new ways to be a space tyrant on April 15th

New options for espionage and destroying all life

Stellaris: Nemesis was announced in early February with a fancy CG trailer, and now there's a second fancy CG trailer and a release date. Nemesis, which adds various new ways to be a miserable space bastard to Paradox's scifi grand strategy game, will launch on April 15th.

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That was nice. I like spaceships.

Nemesis adds new espionage options, and new ways for players to be a galactic menace. Specifically it adds "menace objectives", which when completed allow you to advance through "Crisis levels" and unlock new ships. Among the new unlockables are ships which eat stars. This is a new victory condition, of a sort.

I've been hearing mixed reports about Stellaris for a long time from those players who have spent the most time with it. In the comments on this expansion's announcement post, commenter brucethemoose described the game as "playable". "But it still suffers from having too many systems, with too many underlying bugs, balance issues, and implementation gaps, for the AI to possibly grasp. For lack of a better term, I felt "lonely" during my last play-through, like the other empires were playing a simpler, totally different game than I, and reacting to stimuli in inappropriate ways." Thanks, brucethemoose.

Nemesis's release date was announced as part of Paradox Insider, a livestream featuring news about a bunch of Paradox game updates coming out this year. That includes a Surviving Mars update coming Monday, and a Crusader Kings 3: Northern Lords mini expansion coming Tuesday.

Stellaris Nemesis will be available from all the usual places, including Steam.

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