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Crusader Kings 3: Northern Lords will add viking flavour this week, alongside major free update

New Norse events, plus winter, duels and poetry

Crusader Kings 3 developers Paradox Interactive have been teasing a big free 1.3 update over the past month, one that would expand duels, bring snow, and throw down with randomly generated poetry.

Now we know that these additions are coming this week alongside the Northern Lords flavour pack, which adds Norse-themed content including new events and viking hair styles.

Announced during this evening's Paradox Insider stream, Northern Lords is a "flavour pack" rather than a full expansion. It adds new art for Norse characters, including clothes, hairstyles and beards, new music, new ship models, and new events inspired by Norse culture.

The free update is the more substantial part of what's coming, but the addition of winter obviously ties in quite nicely with a focus on the frigid north. Winters can be either mild, normal or harsh, with the latter causing your troops to suffer more fatal casualties in battle. I'm from frigid Scotland and once broke my wrist while slipping on some ice, but maybe I was lucky to survive.

Both the free update and the Northern Lords pack will arrive this coming Tuesday, March 16th. The Northern Lords pack will cost £5.19/€7.

Vikings feel quite trendy at the moment, between the last Assassin's Creed, the vast success of Valheim, and upcoming indie games like Norse citybuilder Frozenheim. Presumably they'll be washing up on the shore of Verdansk soon enough.

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