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Crusader Kings 3's new duel system is built for pub fights as well as honourable challenges

Come and have a go if you think you're lord enough

The release of Crusader Kings III in September was, as with many Paradox games, more like a rough sketch than a finished game. A big update is brewing with new features including winter and procedurally-generated poetry that can torture enemies, and now Paradox have detailed a big overhaul of the game's duels. Some problems can't be settled by sending out armies while you recline in your palace, growing fat on lark tongue and boiled owl.

Come Update 1.3, CK3 will introduce a new system they can use for all sorts of one-on-one fisticuffs. Paradox say in the dev diary, "A detailed duelling system should be able to account for everything from strict honour duels to battlefield bouts to a knife fight in the tavern." Meet me in the pub horsepark in five minutes.

A Crusader Kings 3 screenshot showing a sly kick in the new duel system.
Uh huh a kick "to the gut" sure okay.

CK3's new duels will be fought across several rounds, with each offering you a selection of moves from a pool - things from fighting cautious to kicking them in the dick. The higher your combat prowess, the more likely you'll be presented with better moves in each round. You can also get special moves based on things like your traits or relationship with your opponent, things like demoralising speeches or "using your skill as a raider to make an example of them as you fight." Go read the post for the full explainer.

Now I want to see something like the mod which lets you fight CK3 battles inside Mount & Blade 2 but for duels and inside Hellish Quart.

No firm word yet on when Update 1.3 will arrive, though the fact that Paradox said duelling is the "final major free patch feature" they're revealing might suggest they're nearing the end of the marketing blitz, and therefore the launch is approaching? They say they'll chat more about the update during the next Paradox Insider stream on Saturday at 7pm, so maybe we'll hear something - and maybe the next expansion.

In other lordly news, Crusader Kings 2 recently launched a subscription service covering all DLC for £4/month.

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