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Valheim has sold three million copies, on track for world domination soon

Forget millions, when will it sell billions?

Welcome back to another round of big numbers for Valheim, the latest little indie game that could. Iron Gate Studio's survival-y craft-y viking game sold one million copies in its first week, two million in under two weeks, and now three million just a few days after that. Impressed as I am, I'd rather be playing Valheim right now than telling you about its sales figures so I've done us all a favor and projected the next couple milestones. You're welcome.

Iron Gate have announced that as of today, Valheim has sold over three million copies and has raked in over 60,000 user reviews on Steam. It peaked at 147,000 viewers on Twitch on Wednesday, they say. I can't imagine that the small studio could have expected quite this level of popularity at launch.

"We were always working with the assumption that the EA launch would be somewhat successful, so I guess it does not really change our plans that much," says Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson. "Except that maybe we can afford a bigger office now." Perhaps they can build an entire longhouse, eh?

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Having been suddenly swamped with Valheim's rise to prominence, I suspect that Svensson may be running out of things to say about each milestone, as am I. So to save both of us from becoming Valheim sales tickers, I've gone ahead and plotted out Valheim's sales numbers for the next two months. Next time you're curious how many copies Valheim has sold, just pop on over here to check. It's a certifiably correct projection because I made it in Microsoft Excel.

As you can see here, Valheim is scheduled to hit approximately four million sales this weekend while I will be attempting to build my very first longship. It'll hit eight million around my birthday in early March. As a birthday present, I will just point you all to this here post instead of writing a new one. Valheim will double that to 16 million about a month later in April.

I dare you to do better, and by "dare" I mean "beg" because I am not a professional numbers person.

Now I'd have liked to give you a full projection for the entire next year of Valheim's sales but my Excel skills are rudimentary and I couldn't convince the darn thing to make increasingly speculative projections based on my tiny, slightly fabricated data set. I need to get this post done before it becomes irrelevant when the game hits four million sales so lets just use our imagination and say that every person on earth will own a copy by this time next year, alright?

Jokes aside, three million copies sold for an early access game made by a team of five is a real accomplishment. Having now jumped in for a bit of viking-ing myself, I won't begrudge it the attention. The early hours have given me the feeling of Minecraft circa 2014 when all of my friends were paling around on servers, building log cabins, and just generally enjoying all being into the same game at once. It scratches that itch that apparently 3 million of us haven't quite shaken.

If you've just recently jumped in, like I have, take a glance at RPS's Valheim tips.

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