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Valheim has now sold over 2 million copies in two weeks

It's viking city in here

Last week, viking crafting survival game Valheim proudly announced that it had sold over one million copies, a nice feat for an early access game. Well Valheim's not done yet and is making to properly impress Odin by doubling that number less than a week later. Valheim's now gone and sold over 2 million copies and blown its concurrent vikings number out of the water to match.

Valheim's developers Iron Gate Studio have announced that they have now sold over 2 million copies and that they've set a new concurrent player record of 360,000 over the weekend. That's more than double their record of 160,000 from last week.

"We didn't really anticipate that," says Iron Gate CEO Richard Svensson. "Our goal was pretty much to cover our development cost so we could continue to exist as a studio and continue working on Valheim. I guess our future is safe for a while now."

"Valheim has not been rushed, it's a product of more than three years of iterative development with features added, and tested on a core team of early adopters," Svensson adds. "Also as a designer I don't like to follow popular conventions but try to go my own way, this seems to have worked out.

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It does indeed seem to have worked out. Valheim is currently rocking a 96% recommendation rate from over 37,000 user reviews over on Steam, two more impressive numbers for an early access game.

I'll be the first to admit that my initial reaction to Valheim was "bah, who wants more early access crafting survival?" I thought I'd gotten tired of the usual craft 'em up but I do quite like building forts and whacking baddies while my friends scream next to me so I confess I've caught a case of envy. Golly, watching other folks have fun on the internet was what got me into Phasmophobia, which I now won't shut up about. I guess I'll see you all back here in about a week. Hold my mead, and all.

Valheim is planning to remain in early access for at least a year. Iron Gate have plans for four updates throughout 2021 in their roadmap, including a new Mistlands biome for their procedurally generated purgatory.

If you're ahead of me on this curve, check out RPS's Valheim tips and our guide on how to set up a Valheim server for your viking pals.

You can nab Valheim for yourself over on Steam for £16/€17/$20.

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