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Still A Title: Megabyte Punch

Good ol' Jim gave Megabyte Punch a mention back in February noting, as I have now, what a wonderful name the Super Smash Brothers inspired robot beater has managed to acquire for itself. Now it's back with a release trailer making a date with us for August 6th, viewable beyond THE MISTS OF TIME AND SPACE (or below).

If that was a little frenetic for you, grab a play of the demo over on Kongregate. Having just given it a whirl, I was surprised by how smooth movement and combat were and how easily the blocky models and bright textures differentiated themselves from one-another and the background. Playing on a keyboard wasn't a problem either, another surprise for a game with roots in such an inhuman control scheme.

If MEGABYTE PUNCH (stylisation author's own) is to your immaculate tastes - seriously, you know your stuff, well done - consider voting for it on Greenlight or dropping £10 for the pre-release version over on Desura. Otherwise, keep your money held tight and your eyes peeled on the official website for news of the 20% off release sale on the Humble Store. If you're feeling wealthy, there's even word of a $20 extra-special edition with soundtrack, wallpapers and more levels.

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