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Stones Of Solace is an upcoming ritual game with a shifting cast of statue pals

Fleeting fox friend

It’s heatwave season here in the UK, so I would like nothing more than to be lounging in the soft grass, perhaps in the shade of a statue or pressed against its cool stone plinth. Meditative craft-o-ritual Stones Of Solace wants to evoke that same feeling, and it’s lovely, if somewhat disappointing that we don’t yet have the technology to bring through the physical sensations to go with. Still, you can get an iced drink and come take a breather at the altar of the trailer, featuring a sweet fennec fox.

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Our fox friend won’t be around for too long, as every day in Stones Of Solace offers up a new idol. You’ll also be able to find suitable items to put together an offering bowl to leave behind before moving onto a new statue the next day.

You can already take a scroll through a thread of the project’s development, which is mostly a gorgeous haze of blues, from the underwater hands to the night time owl garden.

The game is being created by an extremely exciting team. Delphine Fourneau, or Dziff, is the creator of absolutely gorgeous evasive memory watercolour voidspace Sacramento, among other such lovely and colourful things. Armel Gibson is the developer behind kaleidoscopic object shifting puzzler Vignettes. And Jason Sutherland has credits on a variety of gems including fight ‘n’ feel Wrestling With Emotions, chaotic fish theft ‘em up Sticky Cats, and exactly what it says on the tin Genital Jousting.

Stones Of Solace doesn’t have a specific release date yet, but it’ll be available this summer, and the developers say you’ll be able to download it for pay what you want with no minimum.

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