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Stones Of Solace offers up a free daily crafting ritual

Litheness is, understandably, a snake

Just looking at ritual crafting game Stones Of Solace lowers my blood pressure. The fuzzy, dreamlike edges to the items. The daily shifting of the colour palettes. The gentle, beach-y music to keep you company. It’s all a much-needed breath of fresh air on a hot weekend. Here is a very pretty trailer to soak in.

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Every day you’re presented with an idol, a statue to some kind of personal value. Today mine was “litheness,” something I can’t pretend to ever have aimed for or achieved, but nonetheless interesting. Oh, and they’re all cute animal friends. When you’re ready, you can make an offering from all kinds of bits of nature, like leaves and shells and flowers, for yourself and for them.

Look, they make it so easy that even I can make something that isn't a total mess. (Though if you wanted to do that, it sounds fun.)

Last time I wrote about this I made note that it was a heatwave, and now it is again a heatwave. Spooky. I shall give you some more déjà vu by plagiarising myself to tell you about the team behind this game, because if you like this free thing it may be prudent to try some of their other lovely things.

The game is being created by an extremely exciting team. Delphine Fourneau, or Dziff, is the creator of absolutely gorgeous evasive memory watercolour voidspace Sacramento, among other such lovely and colourful things. Armel Gibson is the developer behind kaleidoscopic object shifting puzzler Vignettes. And Jason Sutherland has credits on a variety of gems including fight ‘n’ feel Wrestling With Emotions, chaotic fish theft ‘em up Sticky Cats, and exactly what it says on the tin Genital Jousting.

Stones Of Solace is available for free on Steam, or pay what you want with no minimum on itch.io.

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