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Streets Of Fury Is Bringing Back The '90s

With digitised characters

Streets of Fury [official site] is a clever name if you think about it, because of how it’s so similar to Streets of Rage. Remember Streets of Rage? That was a great game. Maybe Streets of Fury will be a - oh, I see what they’ve done there. That's not the game's only throwback to the 90s either.

You only have to take a look at one screenshot before you're blasted in the face with digitised characters and environments. If that doesn't pluck at your nostalgia strings, I don't know what will.

If Streets of Fury: Extended Edition seems familiar to you, then you may have played the original game back in 2007 on Xbox Live Indie Games. Developers Guard Crush Games have revamped the gameplay and added a bunch of new features, while keeping the important stuff intact: retro, digitised characters beating each other up. Even the costume designs ooze 90s subculture. Which is one of the stinkier oozes, if my memory is correct.

As you can see from the trailer below, every punch, kick, jump and special move has been taken from real world footage, thanks to liberal use of green screen. If you squint and turn your head a little, it’s almost like you’re right there on the streets of Paris, fighting against ninjas and street punks. Standard Saturday night.

At least there's some depth to the gimmick, with a full feature set including 4-play co-op, 15 playable characters and a bunch of different modes to try out. No indication so far of being able to summon a rocket launcher-wielding policeman to wipe out everyone on screen, though.

Streets of Fury: Extended Edition is due on Steam on June 18th.

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