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Strike Vector EX's dogfighting blasts into open beta

Futuristic dogfighting

Strike Vector EX, an expanded version of 2014's flashy game about transforming ships dogfighting through sci-fi industrial structures, has launched a free open beta test. The EX releases is updated and expanded with new modes including, crucially, a singleplayer campaign. The original game suffered the fate of so many small multiplayer-only games, failing to achieve a critical mass of players. Which is a bit of a shame, as our former Jim (formerly ours, not formerly Jim - he's neither dead nor living under a new name) quite liked it.

Some of Jim's words on the original release:

"This head-spinning multiple directional flight game is immediately going to put Strike Vector out of the taste-field of many gamers, and the sheer balls of it killing you on impact with any of the scenery will cause many more to make like the developers and Ragequit. (The studio is called Ragequit Corporation. That wasn't really clear, was it?) What I am saying is that this is not the easiest game to mesh with, and even tougher to master.

"But... well, it's certainly enticing to me. It’s alluringly beautiful, all vast structural sci-fi architecture porn and impossible weightlessness. The sense of speed and the mad splendour of the all-directions environments certainly captures something that most games seem to miss. Even with all the art that’s hung on it, it's pure videogame, as if the hormones produced by Defender or Robotron are still pumping through its Unreal-powered veins, giving it some primordial strength over modern, smoother productions."

Strike Vector EX was released on console last year, their expanded version of our game, and now we're getting it back. Here's the official blurb from developers Ragequit Corporation on what EX brings:

"Strike Vector EX is designed with new controls and upgraded with new features and modes. To complement the already robust competitive multiplayer game, Ragequit brings a story-based single-player campaign complete with characters, cutscenes and deadly AI, new training modes, and a huge variety of battle styles ranging from elimination and survival to duels, boss fights, and demolition."

If you fancy a crack, swing by Steam to try the open beta for free.

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