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Strike While Its Hot: Miner Wars 2081 Demo

I keep forgetting that Miner Wars 2081 exists, usually remembering just after my daily rant to the people on the streets below my apartment. "People liked Descent." I'll shout from the window, refastening the sash of my dressing gown as a harsh Mancunian gust threatens to undignify me. "With all this new tech, why isn't there a freeform game in a similar style but with fully destructible scenery?" Usually people are so gobsmacked by the question they forget to holler back, "Miner Wars 2081 is such a thing." Jim has already played an alpha version and now there's a public demo containing the first story mission. There's a video of that mission below, although it might be best to play it first unless you hate surprises.

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The destructible interiors look superb but combining that with the scale of the biggest outdoor arena of all, SPACE, is quite stunning. A $19.99 pre-order gives access to a closed test build with "even more updates" and along with the single player story shown off in the demo, which will allow for freeform rock-busting as well as completion of missions, there's an MMO due as well.

I'm all excited now and Miner Wars has tunnelled itself so far into my brain that I won't forget about it again.

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