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Summer Game Fest will reunite the band from the Windows 95 CD

And show some new games too

Game Awards head honcho Geoff Keighley today announced his Summer Game Fest marketing extraveganza will return on June 10th, running alongside (and egging on) the virtual E3 2021. The Summer Game Fest will kick off with a livestreamed event which includes a games showcase and a performance from Weezer, the American band known for having the music video to their song 'Buddy Holly' on the Windows 95 CD-ROM. I honestly had not expected Geoff Keighley to show support for PC gaming with such a deep cut for the dads out there. You remember Windows 95, eh?

The Summer Game Fest's Kickoff Live will come at 7pm (11am Pacific) on Thursday, June 10th. It'll have an indie showcase from Day Of The Devs, the long-running event co-organised by Double Fine, plus a performance by Weezer. Readers of a certain age might remember rewatching their music video on the Windows 95 disc over and over in awe of the miraculous technology which somehow put video and actual proper music on a PC.

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Wonder what they've been up to since then. Must have been a task for Geoff to reunite the band for a short gig 26 years later. Wonder if they even know the words anymore. Still, nice to see this nod to PC gaming. The band tweeted (aw bless, one of 'em made a Twitter) that they'll be playing a new song from a video game soundtrack so there must be lots of Windows 95 diehards still around.

Maybe I'm dreaming too big, but I hope the Summer Game Fest will continue its Windows 95 celebrations by having Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry reprise their Win95 guide video. With the Friends reunion coming up, it'd be a win for everyone.

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What really kills me is the video uses Seinfeldian slap bass stings. Wrong 90s sitcom, y'all.

As before, the Summer Game Fest banner is being waved over other events organised by other people too. The schedule on its website includes events like Ubisoft and EA's E3-y showcases and Steam's Next Fest. Bit weird but hey. No word yet on if any other shows are coming from Geoff K's crew, though they do tweet they've partnered with plenty of peeps.

E3 outright skipped 2020 after the pandemic ruled out a live event, leaving media and publishers scrambling to fill the gap with their own events. While E3 is officially on this year as a virtual event running June 12-15th, many of the separate shows are still returning. I just hope it's not spread across weeks and months again; I can only work on Los Angeles time for so long.

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