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Sundered is the latest Epic Games Store giveaway

The hand-drawn metroidvania

Thursday is freebie day on the Epic Games Store, with a new game rotating in to be free for keepsies for the next week. This time it's Sundered, the hand-drawn metroidvania from the studio behind Jotun. Our former John (RPS in peace) declared it "a completely wonderful metroidvania" in his Sundered review so do have a look.

John stamped Sundered with our Recommended seal in 2017, saying:

"The result is a completely wonderful Metroidvania, but at the same time, another Metroidvania. Its distinctive animation is worthy of accolades and awards – it is simply astounding. And its novel approach to being mobbed for combat has merits, alongside some frustrations. Neither dramatically shifts the game away from the most familiar aspects of the genre, all of which it delivers extremely well. It is that lovely holiday destination, and a lovely stay you'll certainly have – the question is, fancy going there again this summer, or maybe somewhere new?"

For free, absolutely, I'll go there again. And that was before developers Thunder Lotus Games added local cooperative multiplayer, new areas, a new quest chain, and more with the 'Eldritch Edition' update.

You have until 4pm on Thursday the 16th to grab Sundered free for keepsies from the Epic Games Store. It usually costs £15 and Epic have said they pay developers for freebies so hey, grab away. After Sundered, Epic's next weekly freebie will be Horace, a platformer wholly unrelated to the endless bear wrapped around the roots of the RPS treehouse.

Thunder Lotus are currently working on Spiritfarer, a warm and cosy management game about ferrying people into the afterlife. Alice Bee quite liked what she saw at Gamescom 2019 and our Graham had a chat with Thunder Lotus about it at E3.

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