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Surgeon Simulator 2 cutting into 2020

More daft surgery due next year

I like to think I'm not overly excited by shiny new technology but I must confess I am excited to see what seven years of technical progress will do for the skull-cracking, gut-unspooling, and kidney-tossing foolishness of Surgeon Simulator. Developers Bossa Studios announced Surgeon Simulator 2 last night at The Game Awards and I find myself idly daydreaming about just how wonderful and awful its wacky physics-simulated surgeries might be. Bossa haven't said much about what's actually new here but you need to let me dream. It does seem to be expanding the cooperative multiplayer, at least.

Surgeon Simulator is a simple joke but it's still a funny one, even in this era of a million janky Job Title Simulator gag games. Here, take control of virtual hands controlled with far too many keys, buttons, and movements to be sensible; now go perform live-saving surgery. Sure, maybe you'll fumble your bone saw and take a nasty nick out of the patient, but even if you accidentally fling the saw to the other side of the room there are many ways to crack a rib cage. Just consider all those other objects around you. It's a game of perform bloody surgery ineptly with whatever tools you can manage to hold in your big stupid hands. Lovely. This grew more ridiculous and awful over time with expansions adding dentistry and zero-gravity spacesurgery.

So what's up with Surgeon Simulator 2? Bossa are vague. Their announcement gabs about "a vastly expanded offering promising true co-operation" and "cranking everything up to a whole new level", and I see some mighty foolish operating theatres in the trailer.

Surgeon Simulator 2 is due in 2020. For now, there is no more useful information on the game's site.

Check out the night's other announcements and trailers on our Game Awards tag.

Disclosure: A pal works at Bossa.

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