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Surgeon Simulator 2's co-op level editor looks fantastic


I was expecting Surgeon Simulator 2 to have more wacky procedures to fumble my way through, and it does. I was not expecting its level editor to let four players run around together, building everything from basketball courts and bowling alleys to escape rooms and Dance Dance Revolution machines. A new trailer for the Bossa Labs Creation Mode shows off those and more, as well as announcing a release date of August 28th. Come see:

Bossa say Creation Mode is "the very toolkit used by the development team to create Surgeon Simulator 2 and has been designed with ease-of-use in mind." They add that it has "the freedom to design level logic and gameplay rules, with instant transition between creation and play." So there you are, with your pals, running together, building and playing and... that's nice, that. Creation Mode is built into the game so everyone has it, and it'll have a workshop to share and download creations.

Our Nate didn't get to see Creation Mode when he recently played a preview version, but he did attempt some cooperative surgery. He tried, at least.

"There's good chat to be had as you try to fathom these puzzles out and assign each other tasks, especially when someone (in this case, it was me) will inevitably be buggering around trying to throw a hammer over a balcony," Nate said. "But there's a certain amount of frustration, too. The cack-handed clumsiness and inhuman motion that makes surgery so funny can take on an air of genuinely nightmare-like frustration when you’re trying to do something precise with no inherent humour, like fit a fuse into a box, or retrieve a cassette tape from a cupboard. Still, I imagine this is alleviated somewhat when you've had more than an hours' practice at the game."

Surgeon Simulator 2 is coming August 28 to the Epic Games Store, priced at £20/$25.

Disclosure: A pal of mine works on Surgeon Simulator 2, and I'm told vidbud Colm worked at Bossa once too.

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