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Co-op body cutter Surgeon Simulator 2 is out now

Cut 'em up, doctors.

It's tough finding work as a surgeon these days. Turns out, hospitals keep asking for "experience" and "professional training" before letting any old punter loose with a scalpel. Thankfully, that isn't the case with Surgeon Simulator 2's operating theatre. Released today, Bossa's brutally goofy gut extraction sim will let anyone bring their friends along to try at being doctors, for far less than it costs to grab yourself a medical degree.

Following a closed beta earlier this month, the boffins at Bossa's medical wing have open the hospital doors, trust their patients to any would-be doctors, surgeons, and medically-sanctioned murderers with today's release.

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Where the first game gave you a single grubby hand and a stomach cavity to explore, Surgeon Simulator 2 opens the floor to four-player operations with fully-ambulated medical professionals. You'll all have to awkwardly coordinate by stumbling around the theatre, haphazardly throwing around tools as you all try and stitch a bloke's head back on with anything you can find. Y'know, perfectly normal doctor stuff.

Of course, you needn't settle for Bossa's schedule of operations. Surgeon Simulator 2 launches with an co-op "Creation Mode" editor, which lets you build entirely new bodily harm minigames with up to three friends. Our own in-house doctor Nate dreamed up a particularly nasty sport back in his hands-on preview of the stomach-cutting sim.

"For all that I enjoyed learning to be a surgeon on a team of elite medical professionals, what I think this game really needs is a mode that focuses on playing basketball with human organs, while all your mates do the Squatting Witch at a medical-themed rave," said Nate. "And if Creation Mode lives up to everything Marc and Nate told me about it, that should be eminently possible."

Surgeon Simulator 2 is out now on the Epic Games Store - no appointment necessary - for £20/$25. That's privatised healthcare for you, innit?

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