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Surgeon Simulator 2 extracts a closed beta this weekend

They'll let anyone practice medicine these days.

As far as lockdown hobbies go, invasive surgery's a bit of a strange one. But if you insist on getting snappy with a scalpel, Surgeon Simulator 2 is opening the operating theatre a little early with a closed beta. Kicking off tomorrow, Bossa will give you a few days to get used to a stranger's insides before the medically-trainer hand-wobbler opens the hospital doors later this month.

Mind, they don't let just anyone become a surgeon these days. Even Bossa will require you pitch in for a pre-order before letting you loose on this weekend's patients.

Watch on YouTube

If you didn't play 2013's Surgeon Simulator, you almost certainly at least watched its medical hijinks on YouTube. Launching later this month, Bossa's comically-brutal human excavation sim zooms out from the first game's fiddly fingers, giving free rein of an operating theatre to you and up to three medical professionals. Beyond smashing in a bloke's ribcage with a frightful array of household objects, you can now walk around, jump, and hurl expensive equipment all over the hospital floor.

Nate got his simulated mitts on the sequel earlier this summer, and reckons it's a good extension of the first game's goofs that pads things out with a bit more, well, "game".

"The basics of Surgeon Simulator, and thus the extremely solid joke at its core, are relatively unchanged from 2013’s original: you bash open rib cages with props, rummage clumsily for organs, and occasionally tear off the patient’s head if you move too quickly while part of your hand is affixed to it. But the big limitation of the original – that there wasn’t actually much game surrounding that joke core, however robust it was – has been circumvented by the possibilities offered by co-op play."

If you fancy getting your hands bloody, you can access SS2's closed beta by pre-ordering over on the Epic Games Store. The Beta's operating theatre will be open from 9pm BST tomorrow night 'till 1pm BST on Monday, ahead of Surgeon Simulator 2's ultimate release on August 27th.

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