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Swords Of Ditto overhauls oh so much in Mormo's Curse update

Building on firm foundations

Charming roguelikelike The Swords Of Ditto today launched a big ol' free update, Mormo's Curse, adding and reworking heaps of stuff. You'll find new areas, new enemies, new items, performance improvements, bug fixes, and big changes to the overall structure of the game. Our former John (RPS in peace) liked a lot of the game's elements in our Swords Of Ditto review but wasn't sure of how it all came together, so a big ol' brush-up sounds grand.

"The game structure has been totally gutted, and the divisive permadeath feature has been removed," Onebitbeyond explain in today's announcement. "You will still fail a story if you die while climbing Mormo's Palace at the end, or if you play in Hero Mode, but otherwise, if you fall, you will collapse and wake up in your house having dropped some cash and fragments. The game is now more forgiving and easier to enjoy."

The announcement goes on to detail giving the end-game "much more to do" and "more variation in the game's rules", making the overworld "denser, more engaging, and more focused", the benefits of upgrading to a newer version of the engine, and more. That sounds pretty deece, and Swords Of Ditto is building upon a firm foundation.

"I love so much about it," John said in his review back in April 2018. "I love the shops, the characters, the roll, the enemies, the weapons, the puzzles... It's just a question of whether all those excellent things entirely come together."

"As it is, it's a lovely, fun game that too frequently reminds me of its mistakes. And despite that, I want to keep playing. Which is probably rather important."

Several other updates have come between John's review and this latest too.

"I've never been shy about the fact that I wasn’t 100% happy with our original release, and so after the Timeless Update fixed some essential issues, Mormo's Curse was about taking the time to put it completely right," Onebitbeyond said on Twitter last week.

If you have an in-progress save, the developers recommend starting over "to experience Mormo's Curse as it was intended."

Swords Of Ditto is available from Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store.

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