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Watch 12 adorable minutes of The Swords of Ditto

Defeat evil, adorably

The Swords of Ditto [official site] is a beautifully illustrated cartoon RPG from Onebitbeyond, the new studio created by Stealth Bastard’s Jonathan Biddle. It promises a unique, whimsical adventure for each hero you create, along with co-op shenanigans. Take a look at the 12-minute gameplay demo below.

Cover image for YouTube video

It looks a lot like a co-op Legend of Zelda by way of Adventure Time, with dungeon romps, puzzles and plenty of monsters waiting to be smacked around by tiny adventurers. Weapons range from the expected, like swords and bows, to the weird, like golf clubs and vinyl records. And while they can be used to take out monsters, they can also help solve puzzles. Along with weapons, you’ll be able to collect stickers that can be used to enhance your gear and beef up your diminutive but stalwart hero.

There’s a legacy system that calls to mind Rogue Legacy, though The Swords of Ditto is taking a different approach. Onebitbeyond say that each hero’s adventure will be unique, and their deeds will resonate after they are gone. So if your hero dies, a century passes and the world changes, potentially becoming more dangerous, but your next hero will retain all the experience earned by their predecessor, as well as their items if the corpse can be found. Each new adventure can be tackled however you see fit, too. Quests can be accepted and dungeons delved in any order you fancy.

And if you missed it during all the chaos of E3, here's the announcement trailer again.

Cover image for YouTube video

It’s due out in early 2018 and is heading to Steam and GOG.

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