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Minecraft Devs Release Crown And Council Free

“Surprise!” holler the Minecraft mob at Mojang, announcing that they’ve just released a “casual strategy game of geopolitical drama” for free. Crown and Council is now up on Steam, offering streamlined turn-based strategy to build up and crush kingdoms. It’s a nice spot of fun for a Friday afternoon. Here, I’ll explain a bit.

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Have You Played… Super Barbie Brain Doctor?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.

We have, somehow, ended up on the mailing lists of several children’s games sites which upload new copyright-infringing browser games every day. As a serious professional, I dutifully play every one. They’re all built from the same pieces, artwork and frameworks shook up in a bag and turned out, and I’ve come to enjoy seeing which combination each day will bring. I’ve helped every Disney princess deliver babies, given Robert Pattinson a make-over, and healed Hello Kitty, but none fascinated me more than Super Barbie Brain Doctor [official site].

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A Crypt-Crawling Tactical Roguelike: Ananias

Ananias [official site] is a traditional dungeoncrawling roguelike with a streamlined interface. No need to consult a text file or help menu that alarmingly reveals a list of inputs that differentiate between (s)ip, (S)wallow and (q)uaff (‘Q’ is quit), everything can be controlled with a click of the mouse. It’s simplified but it isn’t simple, and the latest update adds new tactical options to bring the best out of the turn-based combat. It’s available on Windows, Mac and Linux (also Android). You can download for free, play in your browser or pay what you like through Itch.

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The Average Everyday Adventures Of Samantha Browne Is About Anxiety & Making Oatmeal

Besides having a particularly long title, The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne [official site] is a narrative game about an introverted college student who suffers from social anxiety and finds great challenge in even the most straightforward of tasks. It’s the debut venture of Californian outfit Lemonsucker Games and although not due to release until this Tuesday (for free), it has a new trailer. Come see below.

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Free Loaders: Dodge Taxes As The Prime Minister

In reality, the Prime Minister has no agenda. Just the word 'SMILE' permanently inscribed on the back of his hand.

When we launched this column, I named it “Free Loaders” in reference to getting stuff for $0 and also to “loading” games. But do you know who the real free loaders are? That’s right, THE PANAMA PEOPLE. Next week I am going to Panama to see if I can see some of their papers for myself. In the meantime, here is a game about just that, made at the Nordic game jam, where the free games juegoterrorists have regrouped to make an uncharacteristic stand against tax evasion.

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Make Coffee And Clean Up Dog Poo In L’Employé Parfait

The longest I’ve ever worked in an office is two weeks, and my own form of last-minute panic now involves staring at a blank WordPress document muttering e.g. “oh god I was supposed to finish work 12 minutes ago but I spent all day staring at blank WordPress documents muttering ‘oh god’ so I’ve got so much more to write”, so I was glad to discover how modern officefolk live in L’Employé Parfait [official site]. It’s a colourful, fun, and free little minigame ‘em up about dashing around trying to complete tasks before the boss arrives. You might like it!

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Succulents: A Tiny Game About Underground Gardens

You know how we feel about succulents here at RPS. If you don’t the TL;DR version is “fond” and so OBVIOUSLY we played Succulents [ link], a free game about tending to plants in an abandoned underground conservatory.

It’s a tiny thing but delightful. I’ve been using “delightful” a lot recently but that’s more because there has been a lot which has delighted me than the fact I can’t find my thesaurus. My delightful thesaurus.

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