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Steam saw 2.6 million first-time buyers each month last year

Valve have published their 2020 Year In Review for Steam, and I'm a little shocked at how dramatic some of their statistics are. Seeing as we experienced a global pandemic during which everyone locked themselves away in their homes, it may not come as a huge surprise that more people took up gaming to pass the time. Valve say 2.6 million people bought games for…

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Steam is beefing up Xbox and PS5 controller support

If you, like me, prefer playing your PC games with a controller pilfered from the household console box, good news a'coming. Steam is testing out expanded features for PS5 and Xbox controllers including extra customisation and button mapping. I'm still rocking a pretty old Xbox One controller myself, but hey, by the time I do upgrade it sounds like all the new features may just…

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Here’s what to buy in the Steam Winter Sale

Now that Steam's servers have recovered from the marauding horde of bargain-hunters who arrived when the Steam Winter Sale started last night, we can look at what's actually worth buying. Normally at RPS we do a big batch of recommendations from the whole gang, but everyone else has already sacked off for the year so it's just me and my factual opinions. Probably the best…

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The Steam News Hub now officially rounds up news and patch notes for what you’re playing

Valve have handed over a diploma to their latest Steam Labs experiment, the Steam News Hub, which helps you keep tabs on what's new and happening in all the games you own—and also games Steam thinks you might like to own. You can find the latest from both developer updates and gaming websites like us here at RPS in the now official news hub tucked…

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Cyberpunk 2077 set a new Steam singleplayer record

It's been five years since Fallout 4 set Steam's record for the most concurrent players in a singleplayer game, when 472,962 vault dwellers were teleported into the sky on release day. Perhaps inevitably, it passed the bug-ridden baton to Cyberpunk 2077, as Night City saw over 1 million budding punks roam its streets at launch.

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The Steam Autumn Sale is on, as are Steam Awards nominations

Oh dear, is it that time already? Yes indeed, the Steam Autumn Sale has arrived, bringing the seasonal discounts on thousands of games. Awards season is upon as as well, so they've opened up nominations for the yearly Steam Awards. You can vote and reap the discounts from now until December 1st at 10am PST / 6pm GMT.

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Steam has improved support for the PS5 DualSense controller

The PlayStation 5 landed in the UK last week (and in the US the week before), bringing with it the shiny new DualSense controller. Steam was quick to implement initial support for it, too. Now, over the weekend, Valve have improved that support, meaning your Steam games will be able to use the DualSense's fancy LED, trackpad, rumble and gyro features.

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PS5 Dualsense controllers already (mostly) work on Steam

The best thing about new console launches is that we get new controllers to play around with on the PC. I’ve been waiting months for the new PlayStation 5 Dualsense controller to drop through my letterbox, and now I can be sure it’ll work before it's plugged in thanks to Valve's recent announcement that they've already added support for Sony’s new pad on Steam.

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Steam is playtesting its official playtesting feature

This summer, folks spotted a new playtesting button on the Steam store page for Total War: Elysium, that hadn't been mentioned by Valve. Well, now they've officially released details about the new playtesting feature that developers can use as a new way to run limited-time testing periods without juggling special Steam keys. The feature is still in beta, they say, so it may yet change…

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Steam’s payment system crashed today as the Halloween sale was ending

Steam accidentally cooked up something truly frightening for the end of its Halloween sale. At some point today the store's payment system appears to have crashed, preventing users from making purchases around the time the sale was scheduled to end. Sorry to you last-minute shoppers. The ability to purchase games through their store seems to currently have mixed results.

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Steam’s spine-chilling Halloween sale has begun

A creak behind the door. A shiver down your spine. A shriek pierces your ear, but before you can turn and run, you see it - thousands of hapless videogames, slashed into pieces by big Gabe's discount knife. Oh, The Steam Halloween Sale has very much begun, dear readers, chopping the recommended retail price out of the storefront's finest games - be they spooky or…

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Top Steam releases for September include successful sequels and spooky spirits

Hear ye hear ye, here's the top releases on Steam from the month of September. As ever, some big names like Marvel and Mafia are on the list, and so are some long-awaited favorites like Spelunky 2 and Serious Sam 4. More interesting though are the weird indie breakout games. Yup, Phasmophobia's on there and you can't stop me from talking about it.

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Catch the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest from now until Monday

Gather 'round and take a seat, Steam have now kicked off their first Digital Tabletop Fest, an event of panels, announcements, and demos for games that "run across the lines between digital and physical games". From now until next Monday you can catch panels from the likes of developers adapting tabletop RPGs, building digital deck-builders, and other such table to screen fare.

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This handy browser extension warns you if a Steam game is also in the Xbox Game Pass

In the land of subscription game libraries, the Xbox Game Pass for PC is a pretty great deal, but keeping track of what's in or out of the library at any one time can be a bit of a headache. You don't want to go buying that brand new game if you've already got it by way of your monthly fee, right? Or not on…

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Feature: Best of fest! Forget the rest!

The best free demos from the Steam Autumn Festival

Steam returns with actual hundreds of free demos for its Autumn Festival. I am but one woman, so I could never get through them all, but I have played what I would characterise as a lot over the past two days. My own personal labour of Hercules was undertaken so that I could bring you, the reader, a list of my favourite demos to provide,…

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Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition begins now with hundreds more demos

The year of digital festivals continues with yet another Steam Game Festival. For its autumn edition, Steam is once again offering hundred of free game demos for you to play paired with livestreams and developer Q&A's throughout the week. The festival is on now and will run through next Tuesday, October 13th.

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