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Top Steam releases for September include successful sequels and spooky spirits

Hear ye hear ye, here's the top releases on Steam from the month of September. As ever, some big names like Marvel and Mafia are on the list, and so are some long-awaited favorites like Spelunky 2 and Serious Sam 4. More interesting though are the weird indie breakout games. Yup, Phasmophobia's on there and you can't stop me from talking about it.

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Catch the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest from now until Monday

Gather 'round and take a seat, Steam have now kicked off their first Digital Tabletop Fest, an event of panels, announcements, and demos for games that "run across the lines between digital and physical games". From now until next Monday you can catch panels from the likes of developers adapting tabletop RPGs, building digital deck-builders, and other such table to screen fare.

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This handy browser extension warns you if a Steam game is also in the Xbox Game Pass

In the land of subscription game libraries, the Xbox Game Pass for PC is a pretty great deal, but keeping track of what's in or out of the library at any one time can be a bit of a headache. You don't want to go buying that brand new game if you've already got it by way of your monthly fee, right? Or not on…

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Feature: Best of fest! Forget the rest!

The best free demos from the Steam Autumn Festival

Steam returns with actual hundreds of free demos for its Autumn Festival. I am but one woman, so I could never get through them all, but I have played what I would characterise as a lot over the past two days. My own personal labour of Hercules was undertaken so that I could bring you, the reader, a list of my favourite demos to provide,…

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Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition begins now with hundreds more demos

The year of digital festivals continues with yet another Steam Game Festival. For its autumn edition, Steam is once again offering hundred of free game demos for you to play paired with livestreams and developer Q&A's throughout the week. The festival is on now and will run through next Tuesday, October 13th.

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Steam’s new Chat Filtering options let you fine-tune effing and blinding

Valve have added new options to filter obscenity and slurs from chat on Steam and in some games, letting you level up without getting cussed out. With the new Steam Chat Filtering enabled, words caught in the filters are replaced with "***" or "♥♥♥". The new options are pretty deep, letting you upload and download your own lists of banned words, see foul language from…

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Steam will host a festival for digital tabletop games in October

Digispace game festivals continue to be all the rage this year and heck you won't hear me complaining. Steam will host the first Steam Digital Tabletop Fest, an online festival of panels, lets plays, and other activities for "games that run across the lines between digital and physical games" at the end of October. The definition seems quite flexible, based on the games involved, so…

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Steam News Hub shows posts from your favourite quirky PC gaming websites now

Steam Labs' News Hub experiment has been in the works since March, but now it's nearly finished. In a big update before its full launch, you're now able to see news and articles from your favourite delightful and quirky PC gaming websites. Previously, the News Hub was limited to developer updates from games you play and follow, but now there's a selection of other sources…

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Steam introducing optional chat filters for profanity and slurs

Valve plan to add optional profanity filters to Steam Chat, and it'll also be able to filter language in games which use Steam's own chat system. If you want to block effing, jeffing, and slurs, you'll be able to fiddle with a load of settings and filters to add and remove words and otherwise fine-tune your chat civility. If you don't want to filter chat,…

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Microsoft Flight Simulator’s long installation won’t block Steam refunds, Valve say

Valve have addressed concerns about Microsoft Flight Simulator returns on Steam, after players found that simply downloading the game was racking up their playtime on the platform.After a small 500MB download for Flight Sim's launcher, you then have to download a whopping great 90GB in-game before you can actually play it. Steam only lets you refund games you've played for less than two hours and,…

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The Steam Game Festival will be a regular seasonal event

Valve are gearing up to give us a quarterly quota of demos and dev talks. They've confirmed that the Steam Game Festival is going to be a regular event, with the next one taking place this October, serving as the autumn edition of the Festival. Then that will be followed by at least two more, planned for February and June next year.

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Microsoft Flight Simulator’s “pre-load” was 90GB too small

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s accuracy is astounding. I was up far too early to get to the download gate on time, but now I’m just waiting at customs, sweating, while no-one has any idea when I’ll be able to get into the air. All because Microsoft doesn’t know how to pre-load a game.

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Steam now prohibits developers promoting other distribution outlets in Community Hubs

Update: Valve have expanded on their statement.Lots of folks use Steam and lots of developers release their games on Steam. Thanks to the Steam Community in the Steam store, it's also a handy way for developers to let players know about upcoming updates or development progress on games that haven't released yet. Steam's new guidance to developers dictates that their Steam communication with players shouldn't…

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The Steam Game Festival is returning in October with more demos

Valve plan to hold another Steam Game Festival this autumn, running from October 7th to the 13th, and I'm a bit afraid of it. A Steam Game Festival, you see, is a short period of time where Steam releases a whole bunch of demos for upcoming games. But during the summer festival Steam released an unholy number, giving us 900 to try and get through.

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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlords update adds emotes, Epic Store and Steam party system

Feudal fighting simulator Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord has added a gold tier update that I’m going to immediately abuse. No longer will I need to celebrate a victory by grabbing my cat and hoisting her aloft. Instead, there are new in-game emotes that I can deploy after reducing my foe to a pile of corpses.There are other additions, including Epic Games Store and Steam…

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming to Steam, with VR support later this year

If you don't fancy going for the 10-disc physical version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, it turns out there'll be more than one storefront to download the chonky game digitally. The game will be making a cheeky landing on Steam when it releases next month, so now you'll be able to choose whether to grab it on there, or go with the version that's coming the…

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