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Nearly 250 non-violent, cosy and relaxing games are discounted for Steam's Wholesome Games Celebration

Including oh so many RPS favourites

A scene in Venba, a 2D cooking game, showing mother and son in the kitchen together
Image credit: Visai Games

The Wholesome Games Celebration has kicked off on Steam, offering steep discounts on many, many cosy games that you’d typically see featured in various Wholesome Directs - downtempo puzzlers, non-violent explore ‘em ups, games starring cute woodland critters, and so on. Scrolling through all the good stuff might take a while since nearly 250 games are discounted, so let’s run through some highlights here.

My personal pick from the sale is the recently released Venba (15% off at £10.90/$12.70), the touching cooking puzzler that follows an Indian immigrant mother as she tries to close the rift between her and her quickly assimilating son via mouth-watering recipes. It's celebrating its launch with the sales event, and if you want more mouth-watering deals (albeit at slightly higher pressure) Overcooked 2 is currently 75% off at £5/$6, and throws you into the kitchen for some co-op chaos. Be warned, though: it’ll make you want to scratch your friends’ eyes out.

Other highlights include:

The Wholesome Games Celebration is live until August 7th and there are plenty more good games to save on, so why not brew a cuppa and get to scrolling here? Now it’s your turn - what else is good?

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