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Take This Platformer For A: Spin Spin

I've previously hypothesised that one day every novel platforming mechanic will have been thought of, and on that day we all have to pack up and go home. We're not there yet, but even Spin Spin's creator Chris Hughes admits it's borrowed its core idea from And Yet It Moves. Although never mind, frankly, as it's done so nicely here in this bite-sized web-based episode. It's your afternoon tea distraction.

Lasting around 15 minutes (add or subtract for your personal uselessness), you guide a little square-headed dude around a spiky maze in an effort to reach his girlfriend. You can move the guy left and right, and also rotate the screen in either direction - and that's your lot. And the unique-ish spin on it here is that you can only rotate the room once per move. So there's no flip-flopping back and forth - instead you've got to figure out how to safely move about knowing you can only turn once.

My only real issue with this, other than a couple of dodgy checkpoints, is that the controls felt back-to-front for me, meaning I kept spinning the room in the wrong direction. An option to switch over would have been nice. Otherwise, here's a short burst of free fun.

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