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Tales Of Vesperia gets depth-of-field fix and more with this mod

Pinch an inch

I know your sort. I bet you bought that Tales Of Vesperia: Definitive Edition. I bet you slurped it right up, with a thirst for JRPG wolfmen that went unslaked for 10 years as you waited for it to come to PC. I bet you downloaded the new-old game laughing at the Twitter banter between publisher Bandai Namco and a demanding fan from three years ago. And I bet you finally you fired it up and – oh no – the depth of field was awful. I’d give you my sympathies, but you're disgusting. Okay. Okay. I'll give you a practical solution. Here you go: that one guy who makes mods to fix all the Japanese games has made another one for this.

The Special K tool is a mod that gives you an on-screen wonderbox of tinkering options to make life in the Vesplands a bit better for folks with technical problems, or just people who are picky about their grass textures. The window looks like this. It’ll let you disable depth of field, blur, and bloom, while also opening up some controller settings and compatibility settings. It also unveils a bunch of other tiny and technical cogs I hope never to understand. You can get the Special K mod on the Steam forums from its creator, Kaldaien. A lot of the tool may stop working with the game's next patch, says the creator, but the tool will likewise be updated.

If the name of the mod seems familiar, that’s because it is a very healthy and sexy breakfast cereal. But also because Kaldaien has offered versions of the tool before, once to fix Nier: Automata's frame rate and again for Final Fantasy XV's long loading screns. For myself and many others, the tool was pretty much essential in getting both of those games working correctly. So, even though I’m not a Tales Of boy, I imagine this may come in handy for a few folks.

Tales Of Vesperia was a Japanese jayprrjee that remained on consoleboxes until last week, when it was released as souped-up Definitive Edition. Dominic called it “resolutely okay”.

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