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Tantalization V Continues

First the absurdly long walkthrough video, and now the whole bally manual for next week's Civ V. If you want to get a head start on what path up the tech tree you need to take to build helicopter gunships and exactly how the no unit stacking combat thinger works, have a read on this. It's got a complete unit breakdown for warlike types and buildings and wonders for the more constructively minded, but sadly the entire tech tree chart isn't in there, nor is there any designer commentary. Should give you a decent sense of how the game does and doesn't differ from its predecessors, though. All being well (i.e. if the build I've got starts behaving itself again) we'll have Words O'Judgement for you on Tuesday.

25MB PDF here. Full colour, as they used to say when such things were rare. Download rather than open in a browser tab, unless you want long waits.

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