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Team Fortress 2's Soldier voice actor has passed away with coronavirus

"You were good son, real good; maybe even the best."

Rick May, the voice of Team Fortress 2’s Soldier, has died after contracting Covid-19 virus. He was 79. He voiced several game characters in his career, notably Peppy Hare in the Starfox games, but he was best known as the growly, rocket-toting military man in Valve’s online shooter.

His passing was reported by Rekindle School, an arts college in Seattle where he was teaching until February before suffering from a stroke. He's thought to have contracted the Covid-19 virus while he was rehabilitating in a nursing home. He was moved to a hospital, but ultimately passed away.

I played so much Team Fortress 2 that his voice was a nightly companion for much of my life. Some of my fondest thoughts of TF2 are soundtrack by his wonderfully silly takes on the Soldier’s military barks. No-one could drop a “maggot” like the Soldier could. He made that word his own. The "Meet The... Soldier" video is an extended joke that's beautifully told and serves as a fitting tribute to his work.

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I’m not the only one taken aback by this. There have been numerous tributes to the man on Twitter and Steam, but my favourite was via a Reddit video of a server performing a military send-off. There can't be many people out there where such a tribute would be appropriate, but this is perfect.


He will be missed.

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