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Tell Me Why's first episode is now free

I want it that way

You can now check out the latest game from the makers of Life Is Strange for zilcho, nowt, nothing, nada, because they've made episode 1 of Tell Me Why free forever. It's another faintly supernatural story-o-rama, this time about two twins revisiting memories of their childhood in small-town Alaska, which they both recall differently. The full story was released in three weekly episodes, starting in August 2020, so the freebie is a fair chunk.

"It's less dramatic than some of Dontnod's other outings (and probably not for those with short attention spans given the pacing)," Alice Bee said in our Tell Me Why review, "but Tell Me Why remains a good entry in their the library of stories about families and sad magic - and it's probably the most hopeful one yet." Though she note not that "the pace of it is so slooooooow." For free, hey, I guess you can see for yourself.

You can grab Tell Me Why episode 1 free for keepsies from Steam and the Microsoft Store. The price of the full season has now gone down from £24.99 to £15.49, and on top of that a 50% discount is running right now too. You've got another day or so to get it for £7.74/€8.39/$9.99. Or it's been on Xbox Game Pass anyway.

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