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Temtem, the monster taming MMO, gets Cipanku island on April 13th

Meet the first mythical Temtem

Temtem is another game that found popularity at the beginning of 2020 - which, as you know, was roughly six years ago. The monster taming MMO has been relatively quiet in the year since, but its next major island-adding expansion will launch on April 13th.

A post on the Temtem site recaps the past year of early access development, and makes a reasonable case for it not having been a quiet year for the game. Despite no major expansion since the addition of Kisiwa island in July, there have been a lot of other content updates. Those include ranked matchmaking, player clubs, housing, weekly and daily quests, and a lot more.

The developers explained (in a different post) that they felt these additions were necessary in light of player feedback, even though they deviated from the initially announced roadmap. They also note the roadmap was written "before we knew the sort of year 2020 was going to be."

Cipanku island, which launches this coming week, will introduce the first mythical Temtem to the game, unlock the teleport feature, as well as a new dojo to battle in. It also seems to be made of pink fields, as pictured above.

I'm glad that Pokémon finally has some competition in the monster taming genre, and that those games are mostly coming to PC, although I feel like my interest in these games is almost entirely governed by the monster designs. Temtem's Temtem don't do it for me, but I'm curious if these updates will bring players back to catch the new additions.

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