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Ten minutes of soothing grappling is exactly what you need right now


Oh, to see the sky like Mokeysniper. He's a YouTuber I've mentioned before, whose claim to fame is being really really good at grapple hooks. I'm reminding you about him because a few days ago he uploaded a ten-minute compilation of fabulous swinging in Apex Legends and Titanfall 2, complete with sublime transitions between the two. It's his goodbye to 2019.

For all its merits, grappling is normally a frantic affair. Stepping away from combat means soaring into unchallenged air, with the patience and the freedom to make hurtling through the skies look gentle. He fires one shot in the whole thing, and it's fittingly lackadaisical.

There's a bit where he lands perfectly on a crane that I found myself nodding at, like a gentleman in a posh club. Same for the long bumslide montage. The zipline shenanigans. The serene ejector seat ejections. There's something for everyone.

Weirdly, I also wound up the decade with good hooks. My version just involves talking about them, rather than showing off superb dexterity married to slick editing skills. It's OK. I'm content to cheer people on from the ground.

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