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Tentacles On Broadway: The Secret World Issue 4

The Secret World's "Issue 4" update will burst flailing onto the streets of virtual Manhattan later this month. It's going to include a raid in which you fight your way across the streets of the Big Apple, as well as a range of other content, including chainsaws. How you get the chainsaw seems a little gruesome. Can't secret society soldiers just go to a hardware store?

The update is also - bizarrely - going to introduce The Albion Theatre, which will allow groups of players to use props and sound effects to put on "plays" in the game for other Secret Worlders to watch. Bonkers.

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That theatre is a lovely idea - I wonder how much use it will actually get. The PvP balancing sounds interesting, though, since I've seen a few folk complain there isn't enough reward in it. The target selection stuff seems like a big deal, too, although I expect it won't really change things all that much.

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