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Terraria devs cancel Stadia release after Google disable CEO's account

"I will not be involved with a corporation that values their customers and partners so little"

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The CEO of Terraria developers ReLogic says they're binning the planned Stadia release, after Google disabled his account without explanation and he's been unable to get it back. Andrew Spinks is sick of 'em, and publicly said "I will not be involved with a corporation that values their customers and partners so little." Goodness me.

Ratings board listings for a Stadia relase of the cracking craft-o-fight sandbox game appeared only a few days ago, and now it's binned before even being officially announced.

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Andrew Spinks complained on Twitter yesterday that his Google account had been disabled for over three weeks. "I still have no idea why, and after using every resource I have to get this resolved you have done nothing but given me the runaround," he said. So not only has he lost a Gmail address he'd been using for 15 years, he says, that's all his data on Google Drive and thousands of dollars of purchases on the Android app store gone too. He's not best pleased:

"I will not be involved with a corporation that values their customers and partners so little," he concluded. "Doing business with you is a liability." Oof.

Re-Logic elaborated more on the timeline in a statement to Stadia Source. "The impact is material in nature – and this has been made clear to Google repeatedly," they said. They did also note that this doesn't effect the Android version of Terraria.

Lots of bad news for Stadia lately. Google announced last week that they were closing two development studios they had opened to create Stadia games. Sure looks like the latest doomed attempt to get cloud gaming rolling is indeed doomed.

Terraria is one of the best survival games, says us. Its final, final update launched on PC in October.

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