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Texts From Rezzed: The Afternoon

Ghosts, pies, misc

Pip, John, and Adam have, as far as I know, survived their day at Rezzed. If you're hoping to hob-nob with them at the RPS Rezzed Mixer tonight (from 7pm - now - at The Captain Kidd) you'll want to brush up on your chit-chat. What did they see? What did they do? How appalling are pie prices in That London? How nice is the RPS Rezzed booth? How spooky are the ghosts? Read on for more of the messages they sent me today.

13:13 - Adam

One of these PS4s tried to sneak into the Rock, Paper, Shotgun area but its name wasn't on the list. Barred.

13:15 - Adam

Leftfield Collection maintains a proud tradition of handmade signage.

13:17 - Adam

Too scared to play this one. Not even in the 18+ area!

13:20 - Pip

Black The Fall [official site] is a kind of communist dystopia factory escape puzzler using mind control of fellow workers.

It's bleak but sort of also felt a bit plodding and its hard to gauge whether that would feel like a purposeful decision to reinforce bleakness or a pace problem because expos are faster paced than you would ever play irl.

13:44 - Pip

Goetia [official site] is a kind of point and click ghost story where you're a spirit trying to find out what happened to her home and family

You don't have an inventory but you can possess objects if you want them to interact

13:52 - John

Alice, the pies cost £10 here! TEN POUNDS! There's no gold in them, just chicken.

Also, there's this. It seems Horace's infinity doesn't extend to jpeg stretching.

14:15 - Pip

I ran out of lunch before I stopped being hungry :(
Alice: I thought they sold megaburgers at these events or something
I had a pot of mac and cheese
It was £7.50.
Alice: Bloody hell
Was it named e.g. Super Macio & Cheweesi?

14:20 - Pip

Tiger explains to small boy which game should have won the Bafta instead

Alice: Oh lord, is that The Hot Chat?
Pip: Not for anyone I've deigned to talk to
My chat wheel is set to "What is this game"
Also "why is there no coffee in the press room"
That kind of thing
"why is there croissant in my notebook"
That's another one.
Alice: Is this a degree of hunger which can be resolved by eating the crossaintcrumbs e.g. in yr notebook, down your top, in your bag, etc?
Is this where all the mac & cheese went?
Pip: I emptied the jaffa cakes out of my bag last night :(
It was to make space for the notebook
Alice: What happened to the hot cross buns?
Pip: I sat on them then I found them then I ate two of them.
But that was last week
Can you fact check this

Alice: I am going to post a portion of this which makes you look respectable.
Pip: You're going to stitch me up, but fine.

15:04 - Pip

Here is John on stage with Firewater panel, Olly Moss and James Benson

Is it James Benson?
I think it's James Benson
Dave Benson Philips
Alice: Give John the finger for me, won't you?
Pip: He's facing away :(
Alice: Your heckling could be going a lot better
Pip: It could be going worse.

15:37 - Pip

Shall I play "joining the RAF"?

Alice: How many vehicles does it have?
Pip: There is a picture of a helicopter
Alice: Yeah, I'd say it's worth a go for a helicopter!
Pip: No. I mean the room just has a picture of a helicopter
I'm not sure if they have 3D ones
Alice: Oh, the Royal Artistic Fliers! I think they mostly paint landscapes with helicopters, planes, gliders etc. up in the happy little clouds
Pip: Nice
I will enlist

Adam - 16:05

They're gonna need a bigger boat. Man O' War Corsair [official site].

[Okay, now go to the pub.]

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