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Bread Or Alive: TF2 'Love And War' Adds Bread Weapons

Armed and bready

It's day two of Team Fortress 2's latest hyper-elaborate update, Love and War. Yesterday we got love in the form of dances and other taunts/expressions, but today, well, I'll just let Futurama handle this one. This isn't just any old regular war - the sort you might find at the bottom of the bargain bin at your local War Mart - though. No, no, this war has, um, bread. Oozing green teleporter-mutated bread, because Team Fortress 2's sense of humor is nothing if not incredibly specific. You will find deet meats for this information sandwich below.

The update includes a number of more traditional weapons like a new "classic" sniper rifle, a rocket launcher, parachutes, and an equippable boat wheel, but the special bread arsenal definitely takes the cake and/or loaf.

The new weapon set is inspired by the 15-minute TF2 short film that debuted yesterday, and - fittingly, given that the movie was called Expiration Date - it's a limited time offer. Bread items will be obtainable by way of crafting a bread box, the recipe for which expires on July 9th.

It's luck of the draw with bread boxes, but each time you craft one you have a chance of getting the Self-Aware Beauty Mark (a new and especially gross Jarate item), the Snack Attack (which looks like evil toothy bread with machine parts attached for some reason), the equally toothy Bread Bite gloves, or a glass of soothing (and healing) Mutated Milk. There are also new achievements to accompany all of this.

The update is now live. It seems rather thin, all things considered, but the concept's fun. What say you, TF2-playing RPS readers? Are you armed and bready, or do you think Valve is taking the yeast-y way out here? (Yeah, OK, that last one was kinda reaching.)

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