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Thank Goodness You're Here! is surely the best trailer from Gamescom

Possibly the year

Hey, come watch the best trailer from Gamescom.

It's the best trailer from Gamescom's Opening Night Live.Watch on YouTube

"After arriving early for a big meeting with the mayor of a bizarre Northern English town, a traveling salesman takes the time to explore and meet the locals, who are all very eager to give him a series of increasingly odd jobs...", says the game's description on Steam.

What follows is a "comedy slapformer", mixing side-scrolling action vignettes and top-down exploration.

I've watched the trailer several times and I don't really care what you do in Thank Goodness You're Here. I'm already enthralled by its characters, animation and voice acting, and so I'll do anything that lets me spend more time in its world. Plus, I like the Local Hero-ish setup, and Lily The Pink was the only song I ever enjoyed singing at school assemblies.

Thank Goodness You're Here is being made by Coal Supper, who previously made The Good Time Garden, which Sin described as a nudey entendre adventure. Their new work also brags about "wall-to-wall double entendres" but nudeyness is yet to be confirmed. We'll find out when it releases sometime in 2024.

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