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The 12 (Board) Games Of Christmas: Day Two

NOTE: I know that some of you are thinking that this list is coming too late to help you with your Christmas shopping. Well, first of all – you're done shopping already? That panics me. I haven't started. And second of all – I'm trying to encourage you all to go out to your local indie board games shop. There's still plenty of time for that. And thirdly - we all know that you're probably only going to buy these for yourselves anyway, you dummies. With Christmas gift money. In the January sales. So yeah. Let's go.

On the second day of Christmas, which I think normally happens after Christmas, but we're doing it before – and maybe even having a couple of these days appearing on the same day – (oh dear, too many hyphens and brackets now) – where was I? Oh yes.

TWO TURTLE DOVES! I have no idea what turtle doves are. But I do know what TRAITORS are! They are the opposite of doves, because they are all about unrest instead of peace. And they are faster than turtles, probably. God damn Traity Dopes!

Basically, what I'm saying is that on the second day (update) of Christmas (this series of recommendations) my true love (me) gave to me (you) a game called THE RESISTANCE.


The Resistance is a little party game with a tiny footprint that plays in half an hour and lets you stab your friends and family in the back. It's just some cards and tokens in a little box. You are all working together to complete missions in some sci-fi future world of card art that is kinda blue and red. But some of you are traitors. That's it. It's very festive. I mentioned it months ago at the end of this piece and it's another game that has managed to hold onto its shine. You could also watch former RPS legend Quinns' brilliant Shut Up & Sit Down video review or my hero Tom Vasel's review.


Someone who regularly entertains friends. A swinger.

Your sexual partner, so that it can be used to test your relationship.

Someone who has betrayed you, to send them a clear message.


Click this

You can also find it online, of course. But try to support your independents. It's already a pretty cheap game, cheapskate.


Well – obviously The Resistance. But there's also a new edition of the game that's kinda a sequel, kinda a re-theme. It's called The Resistance: Avalon and is set in the Merlin days, when horses rode their knights around Olde Englande. I have no idea what it's like, but I've heard it's much the same game as the original, except with more powerful ROLLS. No, not rolls. ROLES. So... yeah, probably safe to buy either. I dunno! Rolls would have been nice. Powerful rolls right across the table, legs everywhere. BAM!


And it's The Resistance! What will be next?!

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