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The Alpha Frontier: Planet Explorers 0.62 Trailer

I watched Jurassic Park the other week (spoilers: it's still awesome), and the mixture of large lizards and modern tech seems like the appropriate primer for Planet Explorer's mix and match world. The single and multiplayer RPG's strength is how it ties user-generated content into the fantasy setting. You can build loads of impressive things in the editor, and tool around the world. But these aren't just mod tools for people to use willy-nilly: they're worn into the fabric of the game's quests, asking you to build things for actual mission reasons. The trailer below shows what magic can be woven from those voxels, turning your designs into monster scorching mega-blasters and wonky helicopters.

I think it's time for me to replay this. The first time I tried there wasn't much to do, but it looks like it's filling up a bit as well. We're at version 0.62, which sounds perfectly playable to me. Is anyone in it? Would the adventure part of it hold up to a beguilingly handsome Scotsman heading off in one direction in the hope of finding fun, or is it designed to keep players grinding and filling out their mission log?

Version 0.53 is here for free for everyone.

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Ooh, a Greenlight page.

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