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The Ballads Of Reemus 2 Sings For Its Supper

An insect problem

I am concerned you won't remember the very splendid The Ballads Of Reemus. A point and click adventure created by indie developer Zeebarf (Jay Ziebarth), it was a genuinely great and very funny game, bursting with detail and care. Reemus is an exterminator in a world where insects are a lot bigger than him, last time battling an infestation of killer bedbugs. Now Ziebarth is looking to make a bigger, better follow-up, retelling (and finally finishing) the slug-based tales of the original freebie flash-based chapters of 2007. He's going to need some cold, hard, Canadian cash to do so.

You can still play those first few chapters for free (and they're pretty good), but Ziebarth promises that the new game, while retelling that tale, will not feature any of the same puzzles, and be a fresh approach to the story. And of course, finish it, as Reemus fans have been demanding for years.

He's after $15,000CAD, which works out to just over £9,000. Not a big ask at all, with a copy of the game at the $15CAD (£9) pledge level. Based on previous work, it seems a good investment at this stage. It's also worth checking out a bunch of his free games from the olden days, especially The Visitor (which was great),

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