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The Bunny Graveyard is a horror game disguised as a fun WarioWare-like

The scary mini-game trip is out later this month

A disembodied white glove is in a boxing ring in a screenshot from The Bunny Graveyard.
Image credit: Pichon Games

There’s a growing subgenre of horror games that lure you in with cutesy charm before revealing something sinister waiting beneath it. Your Doki Doki Literature Clubs. Your Among The Sleeps. Your Opening A Box Of Celebrations Only To Find Your Mum’s Knitting Kit. Absolutely bone-chilling stuff. The Bunny Graveyard fits right in with this idea, which tells a seemingly sweet tale across a series of mini-games à la WarioWare, but as expected, things take a creepy turn in the trailer below.

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Due to reasons that initially seem quirky but soon become quite dark, you play as a cursor (yes, like yer computer mouse icon) represented by a plain white glove. Your goal is to find and help out the bunny Skye, who sends you on quite innocent adventures to plant flowers or play basketball. It’s the typical small-town (J)RPG introduction before shit hits the fan.

I’m going to freely speculate that Skye discovers she’s in a video game and is driven mad by the discovery. But it’s also possible that there’s another entity stopping us, our fellow gloved friendos, and Skye from leaving the confines of the lovely pixelated app. Regardless, it seems the fun mini-games stay on even after the game has shifted tone, but they’re instead replaced with more violent ones, such as underground cage fights with weird boxy things. I’m not sure how you can ratchet up the frights during WarioWare microgames, but I’m so intrigued to see developers Pichon Games try.

The Bunny Graveyard’s first chapter will come out on September 22nd, though there’s no release window for the following episodes yet. You can also try the game’s free demo on Steam which goes through the first 20-30 minutes. If you're itching for more small and spooky oddities, our Edwin recently highlighted one that combines 8-bit graphics with live-action cutscenes to chilling effect. Yum.

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